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SOLDIER BEAR original creative team:

Cast: Carol Anne Raffa, Bob Stineman, Leila Ghaznavi, Aaron Lathrop, Gwen Rooker

Direction: Candace Cihocki

Lighting Design: David Sexton

Sound Design: Martin Giminez

Two orphans, both soldiers, one a bear. Based on a true story from World War II, SOLDIER BEAR spans five countries, two species, and shows there are no limits to what makes a family. A Polish soldier adopts an orphaned bear cub and irrevocably changes both their lives. Combining puppetry, dance, shadow theatre, and animation, with set design by Tony Award-winning designer Kit Stolen. Seed funding for SOLDIER BEAR is generously provided by the Jim Henson Foundation.

 "...a sweet and appealing production, featuring a mixture of engaging live theater and various forms of puppetry – shadow puppets, marionettes, and others – along with simple, but evocative, visual effects." -Philadelphia Citypaper


Philadlelphia Fringe production photos by Rebecca Gudelunas (Wide Eyed Studios)

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