SOLDIER BEAR original creative team:

Cast: Carol Anne Raffa, Bob Stineman, Leila Ghaznavi, Aaron Lathrop, Gwen Rooker

Direction: Candace Cihocki

Lighting Design: David Sexton

Sound Design: Martin Giminez

Two orphans, both soldiers, one a bear. Based on a true story from World War II, SOLDIER BEAR spans five countries, two species, and shows there are no limits to what makes a family. A Polish soldier adopts an orphaned bear cub and irrevocably changes both their lives. Combining puppetry, dance, shadow theatre, and animation, with set design by Tony Award-winning designer Kit Stolen. Seed funding for SOLDIER BEAR is generously provided by the Jim Henson Foundation.

 "...a sweet and appealing production, featuring a mixture of engaging live theater and various forms of puppetry – shadow puppets, marionettes, and others – along with simple, but evocative, visual effects." -Philadelphia Citypaper


Philadlelphia Fringe production photos by Rebecca Gudelunas (Wide Eyed Studios)

"When we can laugh while we cry, that is the birth of hope. And it is hope that gives humanity its ability to endure." - Leila Ghaznavi, founder of Pantea Productions